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First Walleye Trip On Bull Shoals


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I met Powerdive at the Diamond City ramp at 6:30 this morning. I fished Bull Shoals with my father as a boy and night fished it once in the 80's with a guide. We were staying at Gastons with the in laws, children, et al. and night was when I could get away. So today was basically fishing a new lake.

As the lake is 31 feet high, we found the brush began at 28 to 29 feet. We trolled cranks and ran crawler harnesses over the brush. All that did was cost us lures and rigs. We tried the edge of the brush line and while we marked fish we only caught bluegill, white bass, a dink smallmouth and a gar.

About noon we started crank trolling flats at more than 30 feet. PD was using leadcore and I was flatlining. He finally scored twice. 19 and a very fat 23.75 inch walleye. I'll post a picture later.

I took my boat and went home then. I was dehydrated, sweaty, and really glad I fished with a new person on a new lake.

I think I really like a lake without the bozo traffic I see every day here at TR. Of course, once the boat owners can get out to their boats at Bull, traffic there may pick up.

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PD's two walleyes.


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The bozo hatch is very, very small at Bull Shoals....And the farther you get away from a marina, the less bozo's are there... I love that place. Glad you guys got at least a couple. The 24 looks BIG for a 24.. Walleyes with shoulders !! Great job on figuring it out. If you had gone the next day, I have to think you and PD would have nabbed a double limit....(Did PD tell you who first showed him leadcore in action)?? lol...

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