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Newbie To Springfield Lake

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you can fish below the darn on the river side or you can fish over with the docks on the other side of the road both do decent. The lake is mostly catfish but there are crappie and nice bass in there as well as alot of perch. or u might try by the boathouse in the park area. you can also rent canoes there but last i knew they would only let u in the river part.

As to using bait i use shrimp, worms, livers, shad for cats, minnows and jigs and square bills for crappie, and bass i use spinners, plastics, and square bills as well.

HOpe this helps.

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I've never fished Springfield Lake I'd appreciate any advice on bait and location for bank fishing.

try going in the Springfield lake park entrance. Take the small road until you see the turn in for the children's playground. Drop the kids off, if you have them:D then go down the hill to the water. There are a few open spots down there. If you're after perch, no problem, throw some worms, or chicken livers for catfish and perch. For bass, continue on down to the lake house at the end of the road. Try to hit the wooden stumps with a crankbait or spinnerbait

good luck

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