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Hoppers Are Heating Up On Taney

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We started the weekend trip to Taney Thursday night around 9pm the water was off and droping, we started fising at 10:30 and had quite a few befor midnight on the mohair leech (blood red and Ace Of spades) were the hot colors for the night. The water never dropped all the way out so we went up top to the wire and it was a fish just about every cast, again on the leechs. Lots of nice quality bows lots of 16-18 inch fish. Rus had the biggest fish he had ever caught at night down there I have no pic it is on his camera. We fished till 4am I had to work on Friday at 7am headed to work.

Got of work at 6pm loaded the boat up and headed down we decided to take the boat since the water never dropped all the way out staying at the bad level at 703.4, when they shut the water off at mdnight we put the boat on the water. We rowed up stream and stayed in the middle of the river again fishing the leeches Marcus made his first cast and hooked a nice fat 18inch fish. With the boat we were able to fish both sides we worked our way down to PR and were catching fish right and left(no pun intended). By the time we had gotten down to PR I would say the 3 of us had caught around 60-70 fish. had several that were 18 inches and very fat.

By the time we got down to PR the sun was comming up 56er time and that bite was hot for about 1 hour cast out as far as you can to midging fish and burn the fly back as fast as you could and wam, they were hiting it hard. Around 9:00 am we put a hopper on and started pickng fish up on them lots of fish and nicer quality fish on the hopper when it hits the water twitch the fly 2 times no fish with in 5 sec of the twitching recast. The bigger fish were holding about 3-4 feet off of the bank. We ended up at Coopper Creek at noon.

Taney has been dredged out that is going to help out this fall when the big browns come up to play:) I think that it is going to be a very interresting fall and lots of nice new holes that have filled in over the years are back open deep and ready to hold the fish that they used to.

Here is one pic from yesterday on the hopper


Good luck and we will see you next weekend

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