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Help An Out Of State Newbie

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I am from Arkansas and heard about Gore trout fishing. I read through this forum a week before and learned a lot from many of you who fish at Gore regularly. My brothers and I fished there yesterday in the morning and we caught a few rainbow trouts. We caught most of them at the first parking lost on fishing road (Tenkiller powerhouse) and we had to wade across the inside creek to get to the outside gravel area. I read of Watts, T&M, Marval & Dam site but none of those produced any fish. Are there specific spots at those locations that we need to get to? If so can someone point us to where we need to go since we're not familiar with Gore at all. We were just fishing right at the parking spots.

At Watts we fished where the stocking tube is.

T&M was gated so we couldn't go.

Marval we were fishing right where the cabins were.

Dam site we were just on the left side where we saw some people fished on the gravel area.

We didn't catch any fish at these locations so we were just wondering if we were fishing at the spots where we're supposed to or should we walk/wade to somewhere down or further up the stream.

also where EXACTLY is the big pool and kiddie pool? We liked to try it out but we had no idea where they are and I figured they are just what you regular fishermen named them.

thanks for any help.

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Water is probably a lot warmer down river. It cools down when they generate but I would stay where you fished for now. Was the water still dirty or has it cleared up some? Those places you listed are much better when it's not so hot like now. I haven't been down in over two weeks.


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Kiddie pool is up river from the parking lot where you were at. There is a line of rocks on the upstream side. Big pool area is above the line of rocks. Both areas are good fishing spots but the big pool hasn't been as good for me with the heat. Message me next time you go, maybe we can meet up and I could help you out with your "new" waters.


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