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Truman Tailwater Fishing In August.


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Greetings fellow anglers. I just came across this site and thought someone on here would have more knowledge then I have. I was wanting to take the boys on a all day all night fishing trip for they have never been night fishing and was considering fishing Truman's tail waters. I have a boat but would like to find a place to fish off land for the night. would really be nice to be able to pitch a tent as well. My real question is would I just be wasting my time fishing this time of year? I would have to drive a 100 miles so figured it would be nice to know if it is feasible or if I would just be spiting into the wind.

PS It would bee nice to to try some morning or evening fishing for a striper since I have never caught one but is this just wishful thinking?

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The area below the dam would work for you with the exception that it is no camping. There are shelters, fishing docks and bathrooms. To the best of my knowledge catnaps in the vehicle is alright.

There are many species up there, its a real smorgasbord.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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I took the boat up there 2 years ago and yes the boys had fun with just cork and worm along the steep banks. Yes they did catch a little of everything. But I had never fished it at night and this time of the year. I'm used to fishing the small head waters of the Osage and it's tributaries so I thought I would sane some crawdads and bring them along if I can't find any shad. I figured live bait on the bottom for night fishing.

PS sorry for posting in the wrong spot. didn't see the tail water forum till a few minutes ago. any info greatly appreciated.

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