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I'm not familiar with it. I can tell you it will depend on length and girth of the tubes. Toons are very stable, but hard, all but impossible actually, to row upstream.

I did a short search and if that is the toon on the Deschutes in OR you should be fine. I'm very familiar with the Deschutes and the White will never be worse.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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Guys are running 'toons all the time out here on the Yellowstone, which is a couple orders of magnitude rougher than the White (and just as big or bigger). They are stable craft, and as long as you know what you're doing rowing, and you are prudent and watchful, you should be fine. But by watchful, I mean don't get so engrossed in your fishing that a hazard sneaks up on you. Toons are fairly responsive but if you don't start to row to avoid that sweeper until you're on top of it, you won't get away from it.

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