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Crazy Night And Morning


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Just returned from a 3 night, 4 day trip from Cane Bluff to Riverton. I'll post pics and a trip report a little later.

However, WOW- was las night an interesting night to be camping. We camped about 1.5 miles abover Riverton and decided (of all nights) to pick somewhat rather open, almost treeless gravel bar to camp on. We decided at the last minute to throw up a rather meager looking tarp for a shelter. As we were getting ready to eat dinner, we looked up and noticed one hell of an ominous cloud. No sooner did we notice it, the temps cooled by 20 degrees and the scramble was on. But before we made it too far the wind in our best guess was blowing in the 60-70mph range and the Sycamore trees were darn near bent in half, out tarp shelter snapped, lawn chairs went flying, the camp fire was blowing all over the place etc.......

Somehow, we rode out the scary part and then managed to rebuild out tarp shelter, do the best we could to stay dry and drink a beer. To make it worse, today when we stopped by Richard's Canoe to grab my car it looked like a bomb went off at his place. He said the canoes had blown across hwy 19, his teepee structure had blown over AND- the Busch Beer Sign hanging at his entrance was busted---- he told us that sign has been there since 1977. On the way home there was reminance all the way to Winona of trees blocking hwy 19 and you could still smell the pine from them all being cut to make way to traffic.

I just read on the NOAA web site a gentleman was crushed in his car last night just of hwy 19 near Winona and passed away. Man, what a mess and to think we were sitting under a tiny little tarp the whole time.........


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Good to hear you guy's are OK. Out on the river is not the most comforting place to be when the weather goes crazy and you don't know what is going to happen! Pop up storms can be pretty scary sometimes.

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