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Crazy Generation Patterns? Or Is It Just Me?


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Is it me or has BSD been having some irregular generation patterns? A couple days ago they generated pretty heavy almost all night and into the day, then during the middle of the day they just shut it off for a couple of hours. Then they fired it back off! I thought they had settled into a pretty consistent summer time pattern of turning it off at night and then bringing it back up throughout the day.

Just seems like the generation has been very random....

Maybe this is normal and I have just never paid attention to it this late in the year....


...I'm haunted in my dreams of waters I have yet to fish and trout I have yet to catch...

Chasing the Dream...

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No this has been a curve ball for a lot of us. We were in a traditional summer pattern with little or no generation at night and high generation at periods of high energy demand. The good news is that the rate of drop at Bull Shoals has increased to about a half a foot a day.

John Berry


Fly Fishing For Trout




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