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Coming Down August 18Th


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Looking for any pointers for my trip. Specific questions would be, I guess...Key drop shot depth? Any fish in the 25-35ft, or have they really headed deep? Any topwater bite in the morning/schooling? Have the SMB started to pull up shallow(er) in the morning at all, to where they can be caught in that 10-20 ft on the FB Jig under lower light? Just looking for any tidbits that might narrow down my spots and get me pointed in the right direction. For what its worth, I'll post a detailed report of the Thursday mid-day thru Sunday morning fishing that we do. Thanks.

PS--Any whites by the dam/spillway like last year...or any schoolers showing up?

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I haven't been out this week - school starting - but, my talk to crowd tells me look around 26 to 28 feet. See powerdive's post.

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