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Got To Love Those Farm Ponds


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Went fishing this evening in my neighbors pond just a 100 yards from my house. I haven't fished it for many years so I figured I would take the older boy and my nephew over and see what was biting. first cast the boy caught a pound bass on a jig. i rigged up a weedless gulp minnow for the nephew and his first cast he caught a pounder. I started catching small one as well after getting everybody lined out, then the nephew caught a 4 pounder the biggest for him. The boy seen the action rubber was having so he brought me a watermelon Yum cray and a 1/64oz weighted hook. Got him lined out and a few casts later he landed a 5 1/2 ponder, his biggest to date. So my nephew ran over to my house to get a camera and when he was coming back I caught a 4 1/2 pounder. now we got a picture of mine and the boys but we didn't of my nephews. but it was not long and he had caught a 6 pounder. so he got a picture of his biggest to date after all. Sure had a blast and turned then all back for some more fun some day. PS don't know if the picture thing worked Mark




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