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Camel Farts

dennis boatman

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Don't killem', send them all to Iran.

If fishing was easy it would be called catching.

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Look, this is part of the subject that shall not be discussed (see above warning post). But methane IS a much more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2 (something like ten times as effective in producing the greenhouse effect), and ungulates (I guess camels are ungulates) DO emit a lot of methane. I seriously doubt that there are enough camels in the Australian outback to be anything like the methane producers that cattle in the same outback are, though.

And by the way, the more "unnatural" foods that ungulates eat, the more methane they produce, apparently. So cows eating grass in the American Midwest probably don't emit much more methane than the buffalo did in their heyday, but cows eating grains like corn as happens when they are being finished for market emit lots more methane.

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The climate change debate has not gone away and given current trends there won't be much but a greasy spot left on the denial side once that's done...

...but we have indeed been asked not to engage in this discussion and unless the management intends to change the rules (oh please, oh PLEASE change the rules), a topic under this heading is out of order.

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