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Hello From Belleville Il


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I've been a member since April 2010. I honestly thought I had done the intro back then but relized that I spaced it out so here I am. I like LOZ and TR because of the rocky shoelines and sheer cliffs and I like the variety of depth. That's one thing we don't see much of in my neck of the woods. The clear water is a challenge and I usually do not make the proper adjustments to my technique and struggle because of it. Something I need to be more a aware of. In spite of that my biggest bass came from LOZ in 1999; 6.59lbs from the Grand Glaize arm. I used a C-Rig in 20ft depth.


I'm heading out to Pomme de Terre in mid-Sep to fish in a club Tx so I'm trying to get some intel on that lake. If anyone wants to send me some pointers I'm all ears.

Glad to be here.

Rudy Cardenas

Belleville IL

94 Ranger 361V Mercury 150XRi

Steel City Bassmasters

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Get on MDC.com and look up fish attractors . It will show you all the places that they have put out structure. Stick to the ones that are n 15 ft or more and SLOWLY DRAG a Texas rig power worm pretty much any dark color is good. My wife and I fish there often and have great luck doing this. A friend and I were there last nite 8/25 and caught 5 keepers and countless shorts in the last hour or so of daylight.... Good luck let me Know how u do

Travis Parsons aka Tiny, Big Sexy, Slim, Skinny Fedwell and a few others I can't mention

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