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Guidelines For Swaps


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Important Swap Items

Winter is coming and when it gets to cold to fish we like to do a few swaps.

The most important thing I consider in being in a swap is have fun, be patient and communicate, ask for help when you need it.

Here are some helpful things to consider when joining or hosting a swap.

These are suggestions, that will help Swapmeisters and tiers to have a fun swap and a good times doing so.

It is important that Swapmeisters and Tiers communicate with each other thru PM or on the BB. Swapmeisters it is a good idea to check your post at least once a day, to see if you have any more swappers that have signed up, or in case any of your swappers have questions.

1.... Swapmeister (Swap Host)- When you post your swap, give a signup deadline, and a deadline for the flies to be in. Give instructions on what type of flies to tie. Give a total on the number of tiers for the swap. Give a total for the amount of flies needed for the swap. Give your instruction for mailing in flies. I usually post my addy after I have all tiers signed up. But if you are uncomfortable posting your addy you can also PM your addy to them. When the swap is full post on the BB it is full so other tiers won't be waisting there time trying to join the swap.

2.... Swapmeister- when you receive flies from the tiers, let them know on the BB or PM them that you have received them.

3.... Swapmeister- once you receive all flies from all tiers sort them, get them all packaged up and deliver them to the post office in a timely manner. Notify all tiers either on the BB or by PM that you have mailed out the flies to them.

4... Swapmeister when the swap is over and all have received there flies, if you can, Post pictures of your swap or have someone do it. If noone is able to add a extra set and send that set to some who would be willing to do so.

****** Then mark your post as Swap Completed.******


6.... Tiers- When you join a swap please adhere to the deadlines. Post what type of fly you will be tying. (I also like to post the recipe for the fly I will be tying.) Please use PM 0r BB with the Swapmeister for communications about the swap.

7 .... Tiers- either post on the BB when you have mailed in your flies or PM the Swapmeister.

8... Tiers- When mailing your flies, please send them in a strong enough and big enough box to protect them and to hold all of the flies you will be receiving back. Mark the box with your name and address and your on line nickname. Mail them at least 10 days before the end of the swap so they will get to the Swapmiester by the deadline date or earlier.

9.... Tiers- include in with your flies a self addressed envelope that is strong enough for the fly box you send and will receive back. Include postage (please do not use metered mail strips on return envelopes) or money (I do not recommend sending cash) in the proper amount to send the flies back to you. I also add Delivery Confirmaton to mine. I also put my online name on both envelopes. Plus the swap name.

10... Tiers- if you want your flies sent back to you Priority Mail be sure to include enough postage (best is to use stamps and not postage stickers) to cover the increased cost over First Class Postage.

11... Tiers- include with your flies a toe tag (small piece of paper) with the name of the fly, your name or handle, and your email addy so the other tiers can email you for the fly tying instructions.

12... Tiers- when you receive the swap flies back in the mail notify the Swapmeister on the BB or by PM that you have received them.

**********Above all else everyone have a lot of fun with the swap and be open to suggestions and comments, we can all learn from each other.*******

Some website that do swap will give very few chances of being late or not turning in your flies on time.. They start making a list of "default" tiers and some people dont let them back in swap... unless they can prove otherwise of being on time.

If you need to opt (drop) out of a swap. Give plenty of notice and there is other swapper/tiers that can fill that spot...

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