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Uncle Rooster's Seymour, Mo

Jack Jones

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Stopped there on the way back from WIllow Springs today. Absolutely loved it. I had their special which was a smoked pork or chicken (I chose chicken) sandwich with two sides and a cookie for $6.75. Sandwich was a good size and their bbq sauce is tasty. I did sweet potato waffle fries and coleslaw as the side. They had a choice of cookies that came with it. I wasn't expecting much. However, it was a good size, cakey chocolate chip cookie that had been warmed up and was all melty. What a great way to end any meal. With the drink, it came to $9.17. Pretty reasonable I thought. I left very full but not over stuffed.

Menu looked good and inside they had quite a bit of down home crafty type gifts that I'm sure the womanfolk would like.

So...if you're ever driving along Hwy 60 and passing through Seymour, give them a try. I recommend them. Website is at the top.

"Thanks to Mother Mercy, Thanks to Brother Wine, Another night is over and we're walking down the line" - David Mallett

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