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Cortland CL 8'6" for 6/7 and CLX reel


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Last year I was on a trip and broke my St Croix LU, I bought this rod to keep me fishing until I got my new SCLU back.

This rod is 8'6" and is rated 6/7, it was only fished 3 days and is good as new, the cork isn't even dirty and to be honest it casts and looks as good as my SCLU 7wt.

I intended to keep it as a backup outfit but could really use the cash right now. comes with rod sock and aluminum tube.

It also comes with a Cortland CLX cassette reel (in box)and new WF7F Cortland 333ST line, the other spool cartridge has a new 333ST WF7F/S sink tip line on it.

The whole 9 yards (if interested) I'll sell for 175.00 + shipping

or I'll break it down like this:


Reel,extra spool,lines=100.00

email < simsmarine@sbcglobal.net >

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