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Definitely not floatable. Barely wadeable. The creek literally disappears at almost every drop. It did come up a little with the rain (from 0.5 cfs to 9 cfs!). I was down there and wade fished around the conservation area and Owl's Nest and there are a few skinny smallies in the pools, but they've had so many cast nets thrown at them this summer that I doubt you'll get a bite. I'm almost positive that all of the fish of any size have been liberated by those less conservation minded citizens (and non-citizens) among us. I think the resident eagles and herons have taken the rest. There are a few nice LM in there, but I'm not telling where :have-a-nice-day: .

Love your Avatar by the way! Go Hogs!! :oh-noes:

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Its been raining all day, up there.

that could continue through the weekend.

fishing should be off the chain.

Have any of yall launched a jonboat at Shadow Lake?

Im going to give that a try this fall.

Good luck

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I was wrong earlier, there are tons of fish between Cyclone and Big Rock. It is NOT easily floatable though. I would not recommend trying to do this section unless you really enjoy boat dragging / portaging. I was in it for the exercise so it was ok, but I was ready to be done after the 6th and final portage.

All of the fly rod fish came on a #6 black sex dungeon. I caught a bunch in deeper pools with the spinner on a small craw bug. The water rise really had them out and eating. Saw lots of snakes too - fortunately they were moving slow.

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