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Fishing Report 9/21/12


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The morning started with a much need rain storm. I floated the river on my swamp donkey from greer to turner the fishing was exceptional. The upper half fished much better than the last couple of miles. The right side of island 1 was money, many fish caught, several large ones lost. There are snags but well worth the risk, I spent several hours fishing it. The fish were caught using Don's Crawdad, rubber leg golden stone, and size 2 black stone. The one that got away was the deep pool before Mary Deckers. I kept adding length to line to get fly to bottom, about 14 ft. Used a big black stone and hook a large fish that i got a good look at that was well pass 20"' there is rock that juts out just under the water an lost it there. I spent about 9 hours on stream caught around 30. The stream is low but in wonderful shape. I rate right side island number 1, and bluff hole number 2, and hurricane shoals number 3 for numbers of fish caught

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