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Quick Fishing Trip On The Meramec Yesterday Afternoon


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Hit the Meramec for a bit yesterday afternoon and did real well for the few hours we fished. Put in at Redhorse at 3:30 and headed upstream a little ways. Had the whole river to ourselves and the river is in real nice shape. Still low but real clear and the algae is just sticking to the bottom now. Not floating in the current like it was all summer.

We got quite a few fish- mostly smallmouth and spots. Probably had about 20 each in about 3 hours. I caught mine on a spinnerbait and jig and trailer. My wife got hers on a Husky jerkbait. She had the most fish, including google eye and bluegill and the biggest smallmouth. I caught more spotted bass on the spinnerbait.

We kept 5 of the biggest spots to eat. Everything else was let go.

Looks like the trees are turning early this year. Very nice colors already.

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Looks like you had a great day. Tomorrow is the day for me. With the warm up and the front coming through I'm thinking it may be perfect. I'm going to fish out of Robertsville in the morning but I may have to run up to Redhorse and give it a shot in the afternoon. The stretch between Redhorse and Sand Ford is one of the better stretches on the river...and the most fun to run in low water. I'll let y'all know how I did when I get off the water. The river is looking just about perfect around here in Robertsville. I would imagine it's beautiful above the Bourbose. And like you mentioned, this time of year those of us that get out on the river have it all to ourselves.

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