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Update - Cape Fair


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Thursday - fished 2 hours at sunrise. 3 bass 1 keeper

Friday - went up the James just past Walnut Springs. Water depth 1.5'. Decided not to go further. 2 bass and 1 crappie.

water temp showed 59 degrees. Yet in the Cape Fair area the water temp was 68 degrees.

Yesterday - Again started at sunrise. Idled all the way with dense fog. 3 bass, 1 crappie, 1 catfish. I mostly fish using a

road runner since it works well in the various water columns and will catch nearly all game fish.

I fish mostly structure in OPEN water. It appears the crappie are moving into deeper water.

Did not hit any big bass numbers like I have in my two previous postings. The James is very muddy from the rains with lots of floating debris. Seen several logs that caused me to shudder. Saw one tree floating down last night. Be careful out there with all the floating debris.

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