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Results - Crappie Slayers Tournament Series - 10/13/12


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Crappie Slayers Tournament Series

Lake Pomme De Terre

Pittsburg State Park

October 13th, 2012

7 Crappie

The threat of wind kept several boats away, it was rough and windy but manageable. Everyone had a great time!

1. Bacon/Bacon 7.51

2. Farrell/Farrell 6.79

3. Sprague/Matthews 6.41

4. Wilson/Wilson 6.03

5. Stokes/Shockley 4.33


1. Farrell/Farrell 1.43

2012 Points Championship

1st - Bacon/Bacon

2nd - Sprague/Matthews

3rd - Stokes/Shockley

4th - Newman/Ginnings

5th - Farrell/Farrell

Have your visited Limitville lately?

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