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Shout Out To One Of Our Park Rangers


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Ranger Dylan Edwards.


Three weeks ago, my wife bought a jacket (that matches my boat) for our 10th anniversary. Took it out for the first time two weeks ago (launched from Rocky Branch). After we loaded, I went to the rest room to change into dry clothes for the ride home. Apparently, I left my jacket in the rest room. I didn't notice it missing until last night. I tore the house and both cars up looking for the jacket, but to no avail.

Out of desperation, I sent an email to the Corps asking if, by chance, anyone had turned in the jacket.

This morning, Ranger Edwards called telling me that not only had he found my jacket, but he had kept it in his office these last two weeks. He said that he knew someone would ask about it sooner or later.

I'm glad to say I got to personally thknk him today when I went to get it, and shake the man's hand.

So, Ranger Edwards, if by chance you frequent the site - Wanted to send a great big THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart. The jacket is just stitches and fabric, but all the time and effort put into getting it for me by my wife makes it so much more.

I'm eternally grateful, and you've got fishing trips on me in my boat any time you'd like!

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