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Which Lews Reel


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I have been looking for a cranking reel so I have been looking at a 5:4:1 ratio reel. I have also pretty much decided on a Lews my only problem is deciding on which one

Lews Speed Sport $99

Lews Tournament MG $129

Lews Tournament $149

Lews BB1 $159 (new may not be available yet but close to release)

Lews Tournament Pro $199 (Bought this one)

All have aluminum frames with composite side covers, 10 bearings except for the Pro

The Tournament & Tournament Pro both have the magnetic & centrifugal brakes

I am right handed but thinking of a lefty reel which cuts the choices down to the Tournament MG BB1

Which reel is going to give me the most bang for the buck?


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I have a 1980's model Ryobi ADV 400V something or other reel.. are they similar ?

I think it says 5:4:1 ratio on the side.


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Went to Cabelia's they had all the reels up to Tournament Pro. The Speed Spool didn't seem any better than the LaserMG that I already have so I scratched it off the list.

They didn't have any left hand Lews but I was able to mess with some others. I think because I am still in the learning process with a baitcaster that I should stick with the standard rh model for now.

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I own a Lew's Tournament. I also own a Revo SX and an Okuma Helios. As much as I loved the original BB1 (I wish I still had it so I could look at it and remember) I believe either of the others I own and use are better reels.

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Found a Tournament Pro (new) on ebay for $145. It came today and I put it on the Lews Laser combo I bought at Wally World. Of the 3 baitcasters I now have it is by far the smoothest casting one & cast further with less effort. So far I really like it.

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