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Night Fishing

Dylan Cluver

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I have been going a couple nights a week for the past few weeks and it just seems like things have been fairly slow just wondering if anyone else has done good? I remember this time last year we were catching quite a few. Everyone I talk to at night says the same. Seems like lots of fish have moved up and saw a 10+lber in the ladder last night.

No one gripes about obese fish.

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You guys are not alone. I spent 3 solid hours of fishing above the hornstack only to get 1 fish on a dry.

The fish were rising all around.. and I tried everything. Only a sz 22 Griffiths Gnat worked.

I was silent and still.. and the fish were coming up everywhere. It was maddening!

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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