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6 Wt - Sink Tip

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Planning a couple of streamer trips this winter. First time to NFOW. I have an 8 WT with sink tip to throw big meat I use on the White, but want to also take 6 WT for small/med stuff. Is a sink tip needed for 6 WT on NFOW, or can I use Floating line. Also, anyone have a recommendation for good sink tip coming off 6 WT Helios?

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When it is lower as it typically is in winter until Feb/Mar. rains a floating line on a 6 weight with a 4 ft leader works great. We were throwing articulated streamers on a 6 with floating last weekend and got plenty of chases & eats. Once the water gets in the 600cfs range I will move to a 250 grain on a 7. Only when it gets to around 1200 plus cfs do I go to an 8 weight with a 300 grain. Obviously retrieve speed, etc effects all of this but this gets you in the ballpark. Hope this helps.


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Check out the Rio StreamerTip with the 10' clear sink tip. I use this line on my 6wt TFO Clouser rod to throw small and medium sized streamers for trout and smallies. Works great and casts great. I have used my 6wt 150 grain full sink before on the NFOW and it was too much when it's 300-500cfs most of the time. A sink tip is the way to go, like Chris said unless the river gets big!


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