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Bob A

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Brief intro: Bob Adams, of Springfield, twice retired now with lots of miles on me. Started fishing when I was about 8 yrs old in small millponds back east and my first fish was a mean chain pickeral caught on a dead minnow being dragged through some weeds. Did a little fly fishing back east in upstate NY years ago but finally got back into it about 4 yrs ago here in Missouri. Also got my wife flyfishing 3 years ago following an operation for a brain tumor, thinking would be good therepy (and it was). She took to fly fishing from day one and is the best fishing partner I could ask for. We typically fish 3 days a week when warm enough, favoring Taneycomo but fish Bennett sometimes as a change of pace. Met a lot of great fisherman (and fisherladies) on the water, to include a number of local Taney fishermen, all good guys (and gals). God willing, a few more years and a few more fish yet to go.

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Hey Bob!

Welcome to the board! My wife is my favorite and best fishing partner too. She never quite got the knack of a fly rod but she's sure rough on the fish with an ultra-light spin rig.

Glad your wife has recovered so nicely and you're enjoying your retirement.


I'd rather live my entire life, living as if there is a God and Jesus and to find out at the end that there isn't, than to live my entire life as if there is no God and Jesus and to find out at the end that there is.

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I agree . . . my wife is my favorite fishing partner also. She just got started fly fishing this year and we had a great season. I just got her a complete set-up for Christmas and can't wait for her to open it. I'm sure we will be making a trip to Taney in the very near future so she can give it a whirl.

Born to Fish, Forced to Work


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