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Roark Ramp?


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Last Sunday we launched at Ruark. It was icy. Lake was not frozen. We used snow melt and 4 wheel drive and had no problems. Met a guy at the ramp that had been to CC that morning and he said it was froze up and he couldn't launch there. Monday we went back to Ruark with 2 wheel drive. It was bad enough that we went to Mutton ramp. Used 50 pounds of Rock salt and had no problems.

As side note the fishing was terrible on Monday but we had a great time buzzing around the snow covered lake watching the wildlife. Deer, Eagles, Hawks, Turkeys, Ducks, Loons, ( and I don't mean the two in the boat!!!! We were the only guys on that part of the lake that were fishing!!)

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  • Thanks for the info Walcrabass. A buddy of mine texted me last sunday, he was back home (30 miles from lake) at noon with 30 crappie (2 guys) and 1 limit of eyes. I'm calling him tonight to find out specifics. I'm gonna try it this weekend, just didn't know what to expect at the ramp.
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