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Hb 598Ci Hd Si

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So, I have been waiting what seems like forever to get a graph on my boat....finally purchased one. I bought the Humminbird 598ci HD SI Combo, just couldn't pass up side imaging and graph for that price! Now I'm looking for some advice....Should I mount the transducer to the transom or trolling motor? Note* I have never used SI....Does anyone know of a way to wire it to both the dash and pedal? This would give me an option of which of the two mounting brackets to use. That way when scouting it could be near the steering wheel and near the pedal when fishing. Essentially, this would answer my 1st question (transom) if it's even possible.

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If you want to use it in both places, you will need a transducer and wires up front as well as power to the dash and a transducer at the transom. It will be easier to switch if you use a mount like a Ram mount in both places. It's not a difficult process but does require that you buy a second transducer and power cord.

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