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Mlk Day Hayward Forecast / High -1 Low -18

West Fork Jason

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It's time to head south. It's getting cold up here, and I can't seem to master casting a fly rod into an 8" hole. (Save your joke's, this forum is moderated.)

The 2nd leg of this southern journey is going to be spent in Beaver, looking for Stripers.

(Again, save your jokes b/c this forum is moderated.)

A Lowrance is going to be "borrowed" from my Lund, and temporarily rigged on my drift boat. The drift boat is for the first leg of trip farther down river on the White... Instead of running one horse power on the oars, a 9.9HP will help aid in propulsion. If you have any knowledge of motors on drift boats, think PLOW instead of PLANE. Covering lots of miles by boat is not an option. But it should be fast enough to utilize the graph.

Just a few questions-???

Any suggestions as to which launches to use?

Start as far upriver as I dare and move down?

Anyone else on the board care to throw some flies? (should be in NWA at the end of this Month)

Any responses or PM's would be greatly appreciated and reciprocated with good info for up in this neck of the woods.



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