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Too Early?


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I've heard there are good numbers of young Walleye (probably males) staged in the river channel.

Haven't heard a single report of Stripers up that far yet.

The lake is still very low, so the river channel will probably look different than you might expect.

I'd suggest focusing farther down the river channel to find deeper water.

If you do go, or hear any reports, please post them.

Good Luck!

Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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thanks for the advive. ive caught alot of hybrids but never any decent stripers. and i dont have access to a boat. is there a place anyone might recommend that i could catch stripers from the bank? i may just go fish eyes at powersite tonite. either way il have a report in a couple days.

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i went to the stump hole and its super low. but walked down to the bend and caught 2 keeper eyes a nice small jaw and a little kentucky before it started raining. the key was slowwww. probably took 5 minures to retrieve a cast. but it turned out well for the short time i was able to fish. first good rain that muddles up the river should bring the stripers. i wouldn't normally tell what i used but being as how only fairly serious fisherman are the only ones that are reading this. i was using an eighth ounce pink jighead with a smelt gulp minnow. hope my report was useful. good fishin everyone.

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