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Wishful I Know, Bank Walleye? Any Chance.

Roger Craig

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Heading over there Mom/Tues, any chance off finding a hole off the bank to have at least a chance of catching a walleye or two?

Sounds like Kissee Kills area down?

Went poor, had to sell boat, all I got is the banks now lol.

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There are a lot of bank accesses from Barker Hole on down. It takes a little walking to some spots, but not bad. Just do a little satellite research and you can find roads dead ending at the lake. I don't know any names of roads, just how to get to em.

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Barker hole would be a good place to start. Anywhere around Slough Hollow on Beaver could produce if you fish the holes. There is a channel swing on the north side of the 76 bridge that might be worth trying. If you go to Barker make sure you can get out or park on top.

Truman would be a better choice if they run water.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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we were at shadow rock, thursdays, lm bass were biting really good on spinnerbaits,

my buddy got a backlash, bait fell to the bottom, he fixed the nest, and lifted the spinnerbait up off the bottom and a 4.2lbs walleye took it, and lucky he got it in. they had 1 or 2 gens running at powersite and this happened about 12;30- 1;00pm with bluebird skies

if your not catching them, how you know that they're not there? experiment once in a while...

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