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Awesome Led Underwater Fishing Lights


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If any of you do night fishing with lights you might want to check out this website - www.loomisled.com. I have been looking at getting some LED lights to mount on my transom for night fishing, but the supposedly really good and powerful ones were like $800 a light (OceanLED etc). Saw this guy's e-bay ad for transom mounted lights. Called him up and talked to him for about thirty minutes (Andy Loomis). Retired MIT educated engineer. Gave me the rundown on his lights and why they were better than the expensive lights, etc. THE COST? $70.00 for a 9 LED light that only pulls 1.5 amps. Bought two for the boat transom and one 15 led drop light. Got them yesterday. Hooked them to the battery at my boat dealer/shop when I was picking my boat up. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!!. The guy at the boat dealer said he wanted to get their number so he could get some of their lights. Anyway, I had been looking for a year. I haven't put them on the boat yet, but I have no doubt I will be completely satisfied. So, this is just an FYI so you can check them out and make your own decision. He makes dock lights, drop lights, gigging lights, etc. Tight Lines!.

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