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Report For Montauk 3/4/13


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After a wonderful day of fishing yesterday we awoke to snow today. We have received about 1.5" but the roads were clear when I came in this morning. The temp is going to be in the upper 30's today with a 40 MPH wind from the north. I saw only one angler fishing the park at 7:45 a.m.
But on the bright side we have great weather on the way for this weekend. In the upper 60's and no wind. Now that s...pring time weather. Yesterday I was able to hook up with about 35 fish on three different flies and jigs. Here is a rundown.
The 4 color egg pattern (Glo Ball) was working early, then I went to a #16 gray and olive scud fished under a float just above the grass. Then we had a Caddis hatch and I switched to a Olive and yellow crackle back and stripped it back over the grass.
I took a break form the fly rod about 12 noon and did something I don't do very often, I went to the bait area and fished a Chartreuse / orange Trout Magnet under a float. To tell the truth I had forgot how much fun it was catching trout on UL tackle. The fish was eating the trout magnet so hard it was almost like a bass bite. The Magnet was fished just bumping the bottom under a float, you had no guessing if you had a bite.
but if you are planing to get out this weekend this will be the time to do it. I'm heading to Spring River and Mammoth Spring Campground Saturday to try for some Walleye. So the trout is all you folks LOL.

The photo below is of Les Newell with a 4.5# Rainbow he took on a spinner bait in the area behind the campground.


Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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