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Snow Day In Iowa Getting Gear Ready For Taney

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Hey guys we are headed down there in a little less then two weeks and was just wondering if there is anything I should pick up when we get there or on the way. We mostly fish out of the boat with the fly rods and occasionaly the spinning rod using midges, jigs, saun jauns and scuds is there any thing else working good right now.

Last year the water ran hard the whole trip and we got to do some fun slip bobber fishing up at the darn and we caught some great fish doing it (thanks to Liley for setting us up).

Any thoughts would be appreciated and at least keep me warm until we get there.

Also I know they added some boulders up by the darn, but last year the water was running so hard they were not an issue, but I was just wondering at what depth they become an issue if you drift over them etc. The water level compared to units running has always been a mystery to me if anyone knows about it that would be great. Like is 703 safe to go up to the darn or do you need more etc?



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