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Went Fishing Cedar Ridge Campground


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went fishing today. put the boat in at 10:00 am. water temp 43 water clear. decided tolook for crappie. headed for 245 bridge

and down to high point. water was little dirty at the bridge and real dirty at high point. watch for floating logs and branches.

fished 2 of my favorite spots no bites. water still 43 so decided to go past state park and fish for eyes. long run but water was clear with at least 6 to 7 feet of visibilty. no eyes but did catch 8 LM with 5 keepers on jerk baits 15 1/2 to 17 1/2.water still 43 to 45. i threw a lot of crap but could only get bit on the jerkbait. talked to sevsral people fishing only one guy had caughtany crappie hegotthem around masters. i suggest you find a nice deep brushpile in cleaner water 25 to 30 feettoput a few in the boat. with the cold front next week probably be 4/15 or later depending that we don't get flooded out before it gets going and probably everything will start at once.

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