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May 31 Report


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We put in at PB 2 yesterday morning about 10. Took a little longer to get down there with all of the rain - lots of water on the roads and we drove through heavy rain. Cleared off and never rained on us on the water, started to rain again when we headed home after supper about 7.

Water temps in the mid 70s and much cleaner than I expected (4 foot of visibilty at least). We caught fish all day long (though it did slow when the sun was the brightest. Lost track at over 30. Caught 8 keepers and lost our two biggest fish. Over half of our fish hit a spook. The rest were mainly of soft plastics with a spinnerbait fish or two mixed in. Caught one keeper on a wacky rigged senko on a dock corner. Caught another on a texas rigged tube. Caugh one on a shakey head mad paca. The rest were on a spook. Also caught a lot of 12-14" fish on texas rigged brush hogs and the spook. Our two best fish both (were at least 4) jumped about a 1/3 of the way back to the boat and threw our lures (one on a spook, one on a shakey head mad paca). Those two would have made a good day a really good day. Also lost one other quality keeper that threw a spook on the jump. We've never had so many fish throw the lures on the jump - guess we need to switch out the hooks.

Almost all of our fish were close to the main lake, on chunk rock banks with wind. Caught a couple behind docks but fished open banks a lot. Lots of little shad and bluegills in the shallows. Most of our fish were less than 6' deep. We had struggled on LOZ all spring so it was nice to finally have a decent day. Wish we would've gotten on the water earlier.

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