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Stopped by the Lindenlure Dam yesterday evening on the way back from doing some final touches on the deer hunting spot. I caught one fat little largemouth at the first bend down on a grub and lost another smaller smallmouth on the next hole down. I noticed a couple of things while I was out... 1) Of course, the water looked average to a little low for this time of year. I suppose chalk that up to the extended dry period. I thought with all the showers that we had this week it would look a little higher and have a little more color, but the water was crystal clear. I hadn't been to this little stretch in a bout a year, so I have no idea what had filled in and what is just really that low. 2) There has been some new logs that have washed in to the first shoal down from the bridge. I know a lot have probably already floated this stretch, but just as a fair warning if you are going down, that first shoal looks like a dozy to try to take yourself. With enough water, you can probably clear the log, but it's a decent drop on the other side (6" or so). If I was floating I think I would have the tendancy to try to skim the shallow portion of the shoal and stay away from those jams.

There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind. ~Washington Irving

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