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Please Don't Close The Corps Parks Again!


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An Open Letter To Our United States Congress:
Dear Senators and Representatives,
As of this writing, you currently have more than eighty days before the next debt ceiling deadline is reached. Take it from someone who deals with schedules, deadlines, and budgets on a daily basis, START NOW!
I'll bet you won't. In fact, I'll bet you 17 trillion dollars that you won't be responsible and start early and address this before the deadline. What? I dont have that much? You don't have it either but it has never stopped you before.
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Ramp users, IMO, should start calling or e-mailing their reps to turn them over to the counties. The congress or the COE could set up rules regarding minimums. The counties already have crews for upkeep and law enforcement. I'm not talking Missouri, but all across the country. There is no reason for the COE to engage in something so minimal and far from their mission.

Today's release is tomorrows gift to another fisherman.

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