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11/20 Indian Point


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really nice day water temp 57 to 58 good visibility high temp suppose to be 59 with wind 10 to 15 south. started fishing at 8:00 am using jigs,blades,cranks and jerkbaits. 9:30 not a bite not one. was near south breakwater at launch ramp water on it was 9 to 13 feet. put on junebug French and 1/8 weight texas rigged. caught one keeper spot and one keeper lm in 1st 5 casts. no more after that but if fish were that shallow would go flip shallow ends of boat docks. just wore out spots for the next 3 hours. twenty to twenty five with at least 1/2 being keepers. one spot was between 4 and 5 pounds. about 12:30 bite just about over. loaded up at 2:00 and went home. saw stacy king he was going out to wart fish. hope he had some luck.

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