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Trip Report 12-26

Ted Calcaterra

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I was able to get out on Monday and fish the Current around the baptist camp access. To my surprise it wasn't very crowded like I expected it to be. I thought that since most people had Monday off and it was so nice outside, the parking lot would be jammed. The fishing was tough. I fished with two other experienced flyfisherman and we walked quite a bit away from the access point before starting fishing. The water seemed normal and very clear. Didn't see many fish rising?? I would have thought that we would have some good caddis coming off and fish looking up. It wasn't the case. Just the occasional rise. We fished the normal suspects such as mohair leeches, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, wolly buggers, and so on. We only managed to catch a few rainbows and one brown. A tough day fishing but a beautiful day to spend in the Missouri outdoors. I am currious to see how others did and if they experienced similiar results. Maybe it was just one of those days we all have?

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Ted, you were not the only ones having a tough day on Monday. I received a report from a friend with similar results. He and two friends saw some good bugs flying, but the trout were not rising to them. They managed to catch a few fish using nymphs and streamers. Their largest was a 17 inch brown. But you are right it was beautiful day in the Ozarks and great to be out, especially this time of year. I was at a basketball tournament and wondering how good the fishing was envying everyone that had the opportunity to be on the water.

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