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Unreal Egg


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Ok guys, here is my first attempt at a recipe with photos. Please forgive the quality of the photos.

This fly seems to have a pretty good following in the area both on the White and Taney, but I have never seen a recipe with pictures yet.

Pattern Name: Unreal Egg

Hook: 2457

Thread: Red 6/0 Uni

Underbody: Red Glass Bead (or any other color you choose)

Body: Peach Glo Bug Yarn (or McFly Foam - your choice on color)

Debarb hook, slide bead onto shaft, mount in vise


Start tying thread behind bead and wrap back to approximately even with barb

Cut approximately 1 inch of egg yarn and divided lengthwise into two pieces.


Tie in one piece of egg yarn behind bead. Roll the yarn around the shank so it surrounds the shank when tying in.


Push the bead back against the butts of egg yarn. Don't worry about trimming out the exposed butts, they will add shape to the egg later. Now advance the thread across the bead and wrap forward to one and a half eye width behind the eye.


Now push the egg yarn forward surrounding the bead. Be sure to surround the hook shank and bead. Push back a little toward the bead to make the yarn fluff out. Secure the yarn with a couple of good thread wraps.


Whip finish and trim out the excess egg yarn. Coat the head with whatever head cement you prefer.


This pattern fishes well but is not exceptionally strong. Unfortunately, they don't hold up to heavy fishing as well as traditional eggs, but the bead makes them look awesome and keeps the egg near the bottom without the need for weight.

I can't take credit for this pattern, I just wrote it down.



"The Lord has blessed us all today... It's just that he has been particularly good to me." Rev MacLean

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