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Comparison of Quality Five-weight Fly Rods

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Here's the link to an excellent comparison of quality 5 wt. fly rods that I found on another forum. While it certainly does not compare all the rods on today's market, it does cover some of the most popular.

This is a very long read, but very interesting and well done.


Perhaps it will make for some interesting discussion.

Happy New Year!


Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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Good article, but it still comes down to personal preference. To bad all flyshops don't carry all brands. Sure would make it easier on the customer when it comes time to buy. Come to think of it, I just wish I had a flyshop close by.

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That's a great article. It does always come down to personal preference but I still enjoy reading comparisons of fly gear.


"My biggest worry is that my wife (when I'm dead) will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it" - Koos Brandt

Greg Mitchell

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