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Report 12/29 and 1/02


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post-2184-1167775208.jpgHey Bill, Kelly here.

Was able to catch 5 small striper on the Dec 29th at the west hole at the low water dam. The largest around 12" in length...see attached. The water had cleared a bit from the previous day when you were there...the flow was at 45CFS and the water temp at 9:00am was 41 F. It was overcast and windy as usual.

Went back down this AM, and had no luck at all. The water is back to very murky as the rains the other day did nothing but stir up the leaves and dirt. There was a bit more flow today, the Corps web site is not updated, so I cant give an exact flow...guessing somewhere around 80 CFS.

Will report back in here in the next couple days as the water hopefully clears.

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jay bird,

I haven't been since my last report, a few weeks ago. I have been checking the cfs every day, and it has been in the 40's. the last 2 or 3 times that I have been with those low flow rates were not productive. I am waiting to see it get over 200 cfs before I try it again.


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