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Fishing Report

Sam Potter

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Fishing was a little slow today, but it was nice to be able to get out for a few hours. I managed to hook up with a half dozen average size fish. All on olive Mohair leeches in size 10. I like to use them in the winter when the water is clear. I fish them on the swing and a few short strips at the end. I know some fishermen, like Missouri's coldwater director, drift the leech below an indicator. I prefer to cast and strip it, because I really enjoy casting a fly rod more than throwing an indicator.

Two reports came in this week, from other fishermen, indicating that the fishing was also slow for them. They tried a variety of flies with limited success. The nice weather earlier in the week made it really nice to be out and enjoying the Ozarks.

Hey, I forgot to mention that I had the privilage to see a bald eagle today...

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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