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Fishing Report

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We made it to the water about 10a after a series of comical errors on our part. We HAD wanted to be there by 8a when the horn blew. We fished until the ending horn at 4p with only a short "snack" break about noon. The wind didn't cooperate with us at all. John, being a beginner, fought the wind alot today. He's been working on his roll cast and has gotten pretty good at it. We were going to work on the pick up and lay down today but stuck to the roll cast cause of the wind. We fished mainly with an egg pattern in peach/white. This produced the best all day. We switched to a zebra midge when we went to the fly only zone and picked up a couple more but they turned off as fast as they turned on to it. The final two hours were spent "hawg hunting" with John Jr. He hooked into two really nice bows. One went 24+ easily and the second was a bit smaller. Unfornately, he lost both! Overal, the day rates a B+.


Born to Fish, Forced to Work


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