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Hi Fellow Fishers...My name is Dan Sears and I am in Harrison Ark. I fish Taney and RR primarily, but make it over to the White and Norfork some. I also LOVE fishing for smallies on the Buffalo, Kings and Crooked Creek. I am also a paddling geezer. And here's hoping Phil can get that Buffalo trip lined up one of these days. I think these forums have done more to help the sport of fishing and especially fly fishing than any other medium. I have never met anyone on these boards that I wouldn't share a stream with. Its been a pleasure to meet some of the very folks here, traded flys and fish stories. JoRob of this board is a neat guy and I count as one of my good friends, even though his son Ryan outfishes him :lol:

I have also fished with Leonard and that is one fly tying dude. I am a Juvenile Court supervisor and former EMT and also had many years experience in the media. I am a grandfather and can't wait for the day when the little tykes can fit into a pair of waders and wave the long rod. Here's hoping to meet you gents and gentle ladies on our rivers. God Bless. Rover and out~

Glass Has Class

"from the laid back lane in the Arkansas Ozarks"

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Howdy Dano:

I liked your intro. I like you really enjoy the forum and havent met anyone I wouldn't share a stream with. I havent been on here long but am enjoying the chat with people.

I would rather be fishin'.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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