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Thread Midge


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Thread Midge Pupa


Size #20 Scud/Shrimp hook

Black 8/0 thread

Peacock Hurl

Silver wire(optional)

1.Start by dressing the hook. I start at the top on this one so I can make the body slimmer. Start towards the eye about one and a half times the width of the eye. Cover the hook shank down to the bend of the hook.

2.This step is optional - if you want to make it more flashy tie in some silver, brass or gold wire. I prefer silver.

3.Wrap the shank evenly back up to towards the eye.

4.If you did tie in the wire from step two - very evenly wrap the wire towards the eye. Evenly segment the wire about 5-6 wraps would probably be good. Secure the wire and clip the wire tag. If you did not tie in the wire, skip to the next step.

5.Now you are ready to tie in the head. Tie in 2 peices of peacock hurl. and trim tag. Wrap 2-3 times to make a good head. Secure the pecock hurl by wraping a few times behind and a few times in front.

Whip finish and apply head cement.

Makes a great dropper fly.

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