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Anyone catching any walleye?

Jason Essary

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good luck Coyote. Either noone knows anything or they keep it secret usually. I find it hard to get reports or tips from this section. Other than a couple guys at most. Typically rogues are the best from what I hear. But I have had better luck with sliders at night for walleye.

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Coyote----I posted one for you on the Bullshoals section.....

Its not too exact.

I forgot to mention, If you fish durring the day, a slider is also a good bait as well as a Salt and Pepper 3" Tube. I like to fish the tube if there is a little bit of color. I've had my best luck on tubes on the bank just above swan creek.

When you go to the water pretend you are fishing for Whites or Crappie and you will probably catch Walleye. If you go for walleye you will end up catching a trout.

Good luck.

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