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Wanted - 1974 20 hp Merc for parts


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Before i seriously look at dropping money for the motors listed below, i'd like to see if i can revive the old 1974 20 horse Merc that i have.

As i mentioned on the Boats/Motors thread, It runs well but starting is the problem. I've been told that the 'starter shiv' and 'starter pawls' (that probably makes sense to someone else) need to be replaced and that it is a common problem on old Mercury motors...and because so, are hard to find.

I think basically the whole starter mechanism needs to be replaced.

Thought i'd take a stab to see if anyone knows where to find an old Mercury laying around somewhere to find something like this ( before i start looking on .coms)

thanks in advance for any help,


hey Phil, those motors still available? If i'm down Saturday, may pop in.

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talk to bill emby, i dont have his number but his home and shop s behind pinegar chevrolets bodyshop.He lives in the mobile home.I am not even sure of the spelling of his last name , but you will not find a nicer person and if you give him a fishin tip he may give you a pepsi.Pinegar in branson not republic

[ [

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