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report 12/26-27

Brian Sloss

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Got over to Tany the evening of the 26th with my Mom (her Christmas gift) and was able to get out for a little fishing. Hit the water below the dam from 8-10 o'clock at night and was the only one there (nice) and caught three browns on black wooly buggers about 20 yards below outlet 2. The best one was a beautiful 17 incher. It was great having the water to myself.

The next day after trying to get my mom onto a fish for about 30 min. before she gave up from the dock at Lilly's, I headed for the dam about noon until 4. The water was low and I mean low. They were working on the hatchery and outlet 3 was nonexistant except for some off color water coming through. I hadn't fished Tany for 2 years and I have to say I can't remember it ever being as crowded as it was that afternoon. Being in the 60's that day, I guess everyone had the same idea. I've had more successful days there, but I still got into plenty of fish to make me happy. Only one brown during the day though and the rest rainbows with the biggest fish ranging in the 15-16 inch range. I didn't see anybody catching fish after fish, except for 2 guide trips going on. Goes to show how valuable a guide trip can be. I caught most everything on grey and black scuds and black zebra midges. I was only able to get into the rebar hole shortly, just too many people. I found the most space above outlet one before the cable. At the end of the day I got a little top water action with crackle backs. A few hit on top and a couple others hit while stripping them in just under the surface. Stopped by the dam the next day on the way out of town and it was crowded again, but not nearly as bad. I couldn't fish as I didn't want to make mom wait around for me.

I had almost forgot about how the trout line up right behind you and peck at you trying to dislodge food from the bottom. Crazy. When I'd walk out a feeding frenzy would start in my wake. I think I may have accidently stepped on a fish or 2 just walking to shore. That is insane. Anyway, I had a great time. Thanks for the hospitality Phil.




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