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Walleye fishing on Greer's


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I have just started into walleye fishing and my best fishing buddy has a place on Greer's Ferry, but he has never fished for walleye there. Does anyone have any advice for getting started on this lake or for a guide who can show me around?

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Great place to start walleye fishing I have been fishing there for about 16 years and have been fortunate to take some really quality fish. Walleye fishing will really start to heat up in febuary and early march as the fish move up the rivers. Try and concentrate your efforts in middle fork and devils fork running as far up the forks as the water depth will allow this is when you have a chance to catch a really big sow. Have fun and let me know how you do I live in springfield Mo and have been planning my next trip to greers ferry.

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Greers is a beautiful lake and an awesome fishing lake for many species, particularly walleye and hybrid stripers.

Here is a link for a guide I found. The photos on his home page are awesome of walleye and hybrids.


Greers holds World Records for Walleye and Hybrid Striper, and the Little Red River below the Dam is where the current world record Brown Trout was caught.

I think wise advice would be to get down there as soon and as often as you can, especially if you have free lodging with your buddy.

Please post your experiences on that great fishery, when appropriate.


Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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